Cash Donations

With the help of generous donations from people like you, we are able to provide child abuse prevention services to the community free of charge. We can also offer therapeutic treatment at reduced rates, allowing those who might not be able to afford therapy get the help they so desperately need to heal from abuse and neglect.


We appreciate your interest in supporting The Family Support & Treatment Center. Outlined below are the many easy ways you can make a donation. Even small contributions add up and make a big difference!

To make a secure online donation by Credit Card or PayPal, choose one of the buttons below.

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Make a monthly donation

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By Mail
We take check, credit card, and cash donations. Please make out checks to The Family Support & Treatment Center. We also have the option of donating by credit card. Just fill out the credit card donation form and mail it to our center.
Please mail checks, credit card forms, or cash to:
The Family Support & Treatment Center
1255 North 1200 West
Orem, UT 84057

In Person
We also accept donations of check, credit card and cash in person at our office. If interested, we would be more than happy to take you on a tour of our center so you can see first-hand where your donation goes.


In addition to helping the community, the full amount of your donation is eligible for a charitable tax deduction if you pay taxes to the United States. The Family Support & Treatment Center is recognized as a tax exempt public charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (click here to see our recognition letter from the IRS). For more information about using your donation as a charitable tax deduction, please contact a tax attorney or accountant.