In Kind Donations

Because we are a non-profit Center, we rely on donated items from the community to keep our agency running. Our largest need is items that the Crisis Respite Nursery uses like food, diapers, and cleaning supplies. We also are appreciative of office supplies and furniture. The following is a list of specific in-kind items the agency is in need of at this time; however, we welcome any donated items that help us in our cause.

**Starred items are highest need.

Food Items (May not be expired; must have original store seal)
** Canned fruit
** Kids' snacks (crackers, pretzels, granola bars, fruit snacks, popcorn, etc.)
** Butter/Margarine
** Cheese (any kind: block, sliced, shredded, string)
** Hot dogs
- Fun size candy bars/candy
- Box dinners (Hamburger Helper, Pasta-Roni, macaroni & cheese, Rice-A-Roni, etc.)
- Fresh/frozen meat (chicken, beef, fish, etc.)
- Bread
- Lunch meats (turkey, ham, etc.)
- Tortillas
- New 8x13 pan
** Grocery gift cards (any $ amount!) - used for perishable groceries

Cleaning supplies
- Disinfecting wipes and spray (e.g. Lysol)
- Vinegar
- Trash bags (kitchen or outdoor)
- Hand sanitizer (esp. alcohol-free with moisturizer)

Office supplies
** White copy paper (8.5x11")
** Postage stamps, any amount
** Bic white-out correction tape
- Colored copy paper (8.5x11")
- Computer chair mats
- 3-tab manila folders (new)
- Small binder clips
- Sharpies, black
** Office store gift cards (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.)

Kids' Items
** Stickers
- New toy rifles and swords
- New toys (still in store package)
- Sandbox toys, new/gently used
- Kids' craft kits/supplies
- School supplies (pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, markers, rulers, highlighters, calculators, etc.)

** Can opener **
** Kleenexes
** New Vacuum **
** Gray folding tables
** Little Giant Ladder or other tall reaching ladder
- New locking mail box
- In working condition industrial paper shredder
- New outdoors plastic based shed
- Real working stethoscopes
- Security system/security cameras
- Medical infrared thermometers
- AA Batteries
- Duct Tape
- Plastic cups/paper plates
- New dolly or hand truck
- Plastic storage bins with lids (all sizes)
- High chair liners
- Ice melt (for putting on sidewalks in the winter)
- Small individual toys/treats for prizes
- New carpet (approximately 1,300 sq ft.)
** Department or toy store gift cards - we will use them to get therapy supplies or other items we still need
** Gas cards - we will use them for employees who travel to see clients (in-home adoption respite and school presentations)
** Misc. gift cards - we will use them for fundraisers and donor/volunteer appreciation